Technical Inspection

Inspection department at HITC provides inspection and surveillance services for equipment, parts and industrial components to ensure compliance with specified standards, technical specifications and regulatory requirements.

We arrange the customized inspections to assure mechanical and electrical equipment meet the quality requirements.

Inspection department provides the following services based on customer requisition:

Dimensional Inspection

Paint and Coating Inspection

Weld Inspection

Material Testing and Verification of Materials

Hardness and Heat Treatment Testing

Non-Destructive Testing

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

Document Review

Witnessing Laboratory Tests & Validations

Run-in and Commissioning Tests

These services are available for industrial equipment such as steel structures, pressure vessels, valves, pipes, motors, pumps, power generation and transmission systems, instruments and other industrial components during different stages of production and manufacturing.

Inspection of Imported and Exported Commodities

We provide global inspection services for goods when and where our customers need to make sure the consignment meet the contractual quality and quantity requirements.

Quality and quantity inspections, certification, conformity assessment and assistance with mandatory certificates of compliance (e.g. RoHS, REACH, FDA) for a wide range of commodities such as raw materials, petroleum, petrochemical and chemical products, metals and electrical components are among our services at HITC.

Packaging Inspection

The role of packaging is far beyond protecting the goods during shipping. It also represents the brands and helps to reach the end customers’ satisfaction. Therefore suppliers increasingly consider the packaging quality among their priorities.

We provide the following services in this division:

Quantitative and Qualitative Inspection of Packaging Items

Quantitative and qualitative inspection of packaging items such as woven bags, polyethylene bags, FIBCs & Jumbo bags, Single-layer and multi-layer film rolls, Shrink film, Metal and plastic barrels, pallets, paper sacks, cartons and boxes, plastic and glass bottles, jars and drums to ensure your goods are in compliance with the quality guidelines.

Witness on Fumigation of Wooden Pallets

HITS is a leading provider of wood packaging inspection for inspection and monitoring of fumigation

Vendor Assessment

We provide vendor assessment services in order to evaluate the capacity and production capabilities of manufacturers, based on international methods, speedometer, technical and qualitative evaluation of machinery, review of technical documentation of machinery and assessment of Human factors.

Training Courses

We provide customized training courses related to packaging industries such as familiarity with packaging standards, polymers and plastics, wood and paper, etc.

Consulting Services for Packaging

 HITC provides a wide range of solutions and consultancy services for packaging in order to improve efficiency of packaging and to reduce damages and wastes. We also assist clients to solve issues with packaging process and to meet the quality standards and directives.

Cyber Security Analysis Services

We provide testing and inspection services to insure your industrial infrastructures remain secured against cyberattacks and breaches.

Cyber security helps companies to protect intellectual properties and to avoid cybercrime costs. Therefore cyber security is considered a top priority for companies nowadays.  Our solutions in this division protect assets from cyber threats.